Kidney Health: 10 Bad Habits That Are Doing Damage Right Now

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Kidney Health: 10 Bad Habits That Are Doing Damage Right Now

Post by منوعات » Sat Jul 09, 2016 1:15 pm

It’s easy to forget how hard your body really works for you. It keeps you, well, you. Each little piece and part works to keep you safe and healthy in the best way it can.

But unfortunately, we may forget how much our bodies do for us, and we end up doing harm to ourselves without even realizing it.

Our kidneys are a pair of organs that we often overlook. But we shouldn’t. Our kidneys are in charge of cleaning out our bodies, collecting waste materials, and flushing them out of the body as urine. Our kidneys, along with our livers, are what keep our bodies free of toxins and other nasty things.

Sadly, a lot of us fall into habits that make our kidneys unhappy, and these habits can result in kidney stones, a painful but treatable condition, as well as other, more serious health issues. And we should be making our kidneys as happy as possible. After all, they help us out a lot!

Luckily, it’s easier than you think to make some simple life changes for healthier kidneys.

Read on to see what habits you need to kick to get your kidneys happy and healthy!

What Do Your Kidneys Do ?


Kidneys are the bean-shaped organs that live under your rib cage. They’re in charge of maintaining your body’s electrolyte balance and pH homeostasis, and they also remove waste products from the blood. This waste is collected in your bladder and expelled when you pee.

Kidneys are vital organs, although humans can survive and thrive with just one, and many do!

But the following habits can negatively affect your kidneys’ health. Are you guilty of any of them?

Bad Habit #1: Too Much Caffeine


Too much caffeine from coffee, tea, and soda isn’t good for your kidneys, and it can cause problems in other areas of your body, too.

Caffeine raises blood pressure and forces the kidneys to work harder than they should, which can make them wear out quicker.

Caffeine is also a diuretic, which means your body will lose water if you have too much.

Bad Habit #2: Too Much Salt


Salt makes your food taste good, but too much of it is unhealthy. Like caffeine, it increases blood pressure, and that means more pressure on your kidneys.

Ideally, your daily intake of salt should be about five grams.

Bad Habit #3: Too Much Sugar


Eating a lot of sugar increases the protein content in your blood, which then has to be removed by the kidneys, causing them extra work.

In fact, protein levels in urine are one way of checking the functionality of kidneys.

Therefore, try to cut down on the amount of sugary foods you eat.

Bad Habit #4: Too Much Animal Protein


Speaking of protein, excess of animal protein isn’t good for your kidneys, especially red meat. Eating too much of it increases the pressure on your kidneys and can wear them out.

You don’t have to give up meat altogether, but try switching things up with plant-based proteins like beans or tofu once in a while.

Bad Habit #5: Too Many Painkillers


Too many painkillers, like ibuprofen and acetaminophen, damage both kidneys and the liver. If you find yourself popping them all the time, try to cut down and see if there are alternatives to soothing your aches.

If you have to be on painkillers for medical reasons, your doctor can help you find one that will be kind to your kidneys.

Bad Habit #6: Too Much Alcohol


Alcohol is technically toxic, and that means the more you put into yourself, the more your kidneys and liver have to clean up.

Drinking to excess isn’t healthy for any part of you, so keep your head and your kidneys happy by drinking in moderation.

Bad Habit #7: Not Enough Bathroom Breaks


Holding it in for too long puts strain on your kidneys, and backs up your body’s natural process of cleansing itself.

There will always be times when you’re forced to hold it, but any other time, when you have to go, go!

Bad Habit #8: Not Enough Sleep


Sleep is necessary for your whole body, as well as your mind, and the kidneys are no exception.

While you sleep, your body repairs damaged tissue, including that of the kidneys. If you’re not getting enough sleep, then your body isn’t able to repair itself.

Bad Habit #9: Not Enough Water


To get things moving in your body and get toxins flowing out, your body needs water.

After all, you drink water, your kidneys collect waste, and then you have to pee. That’s how it works. Less water means less peeing and more waste built up in your body.

So, drink lots of water!

Bad Habit #10: Not Enough Vitamins And Minerals


Just like water, your body also needs vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and functioning.

Kidneys especially benefit from vitamin B6 and magnesium. You can get B6 from garlic, tuna, bran, and pistachios, and you can get magnesium from dark leafy greens, avocados, yogurt, and bananas.

Now that you know about these bad habits, maybe you’ll make some changes to your own. Your kidneys will thank you!

Please SHARE this important information to keep your friends and family healthy and safe.

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