Porn dfd graphy Could Be Ruining Men's Sex Lives, Research Reveals

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Porn dfd graphy Could Be Ruining Men's Sex Lives, Research Reveals

Post by منوعات » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:38 pm


Internet porn might be more widespread than ever but a growing a number of scientists are becoming concerned about its toxic effect on real relationships.

Excessive pornography viewing could be affecting men’s libido’s and putting them at risk of sexual dysfunction, according to new research.

A panel discussion held at the 112th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association has highlighted results from a recent survey which found that men’s obsession with porn could be ruinous to their psychosexual health, News Week reports.

The researchers, led by Dr Matthew Christman, a staff urologist and program director for pediatric urology at the Naval Medcical Center of San Diego, reported that the more time men spend on free sites like PornHub, the less likely they are to be able to connect with a real-life partner in the bedroom.

As a result, intimacy can become extremely challenging and romantic or sexual relationships can be severely damaged.

By studying 312 male participants aged between 20 and 40, the researchers found a close correlation between excessive pornography use and sexual dysfunction.

It revealed that around 20 per cent of men reported using porn three to five times a week.

And, that nearly 4 per cent of men preferred masturbating to pornography, over having sexual intercourse with a partner.

The data also showed that men who used porn more frequently, reported a lack of sexual desire and suffered from erectile dysfunction.

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